Hello, my name is Charlotte

I’m a certified yoga coach and a founder of Yoga for Everyone project.

Welcome to the Yoga space where you will learn about yoga, meditation and proper breathing. I truly believe that all aspects of yoga practice improve our quality of life and bring balance and happiness.


Students' reviews

I'd recommend Ana to anyone despite of their experience and personality. I have been practicing with Charlotte for the last 3 months. She has always accomodated my needs planning classes according to my objectives, condition and even availability. Her genuine care and concern as well as her deep knowledge of the practice and her flexibility and understanding make her a wonderful teacher and it's a pleasure to work with always.


I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 10+ years, and I had many instructors along the way who taught me a great deal. I started practicing with Charlotte around 6 months ago, and I was very skeptical about online classes as I knew how important posture adjustments are from previous experience. However, Charlotte has done an absolutely fabulous job in our online practice together ❤


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