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Hi, I’m Emma Brown

I am a professional fitness coach. I will teach you how to manage your body and mind, control your emotions, desires. I will help to achieve your goals and keep harmony with your body and yourself and your body.

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Thank you so much! Our first session I found out how little I knew about proper exercises. Even about the simple ones! This proves that you really need a professional to help you workout at the beginning. After a couple of lessons with the personal coach, I started to feel so much better.

Andrew Jones
Worked personally for 3 months

Thank you Emma! I feel my body has improved a lot. It brings me a bunch of self-confidence and a passion to reach my goals. I definitely recommend your consultations to all my friends. See you next time.

Natalie Smith
Worked remotely for 1 month


What is fitness coaching?
Coaching came to fitness from professional sport. The coach helps the mentee to form clear goals and ways to achieve them. For an athlete, a coach is more than just a teacher. It is a motivator and psychologist. Speaking of fitness, the coach also works with the habits and behavior of clients. Training is only a small part of the transformation process. The good coach not just develops your training plan and controls the process, but follows the client on the way to achieving the main goal. He accompanies the client on the way to achieving the set goals.
How is a fitness coach different from a personal trainer?
Fitness trainers, as a rule, do not have a medical and psychological background. Communicating with a coach, answering his questions, a person plunges into the depth of his own desires and dreams, and not those that are imposed on him by society and the environment. He sets priorities that were not obvious to him during his own analysis. It is the presence of a coach that helps clients hear themselves, learn more about their needs without the other’s options. This is the main difference between coaching and other approaches.
How does a coaching session work?
The workflow consists of follows: a trial session is held with the client. After the session, a client can try a monthly subscription.Within this contract, regular sessions are held in person or remotely, at the request of the client.

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