Order an away wedding package and get a bridal bouquets as a gift


How to extend the life of a bouquet?
Theoretically, flowers can stand for about a month. Too many factors affect the durability of a flower. Here are some tips to make your flowers last longer: 1. Get rid of the packaging. 2. Choose a vase so that the stems of the flowers are at least half under the water. 3. Rinse the vase and change the water every day, because the leaves and stems in the water form harmful bacteria. 4. Be sure to trim the flowers 1cm at an angle of 45 degrees daily. 5. Put the flowers in a bright, cool place, as the flowers do not withstand the heat well.
How many days in advance do you need to order a wedding bouquet?
Ideally, in two weeks, then you are guaranteed to get what you want.
Where are the flowers from?
All flowers are consolidated at an auction in Holland, and then delivered by refrigerators to major cities. Roses in our boutique are 99% from Ecuador and Colombia, the rest of the flowers are from Holland, but there are also from Italy, Israel, New Zealand, etc.

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